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    Best E-bikes In Delhi

    The Being Human team have done a great job in bringing a quality E-Bike in Delhi for the Indian market. The cycle components are of high quality - the new Shimano gear system is fantastic, the dual mechanical disk brakes feel very good, the front suspension offers great ride quality. The wheel looks cool, although I did not find any difference compared to spoke wheels while riding the bike.

    However, the steel frame weighs too much. And can go for lighter materials to save weight.
    Also, the 7.8 Ah battery for an E-Bike in Delhi of this size will mean, you will get dissatisfy if you want to do longer rides. The Being Human team must offer more battery options.

    BH12 E-bike

    So, would buy Being Human e-Bike?

    No, because If some are more of a weekend cyclist, he would like to take his e-Bike to the mountains and a 22 kg bike with a 7-speed gear won't do it for him.

    But if i was a commuter going to work for around 10-20 km, this is a fantastic option.

    The Being Human team have done a great job, and they have a solid version 1.0 product and can now make incremental updates to this Being Human bh12 e cycle and keep upping the ante.

    As always ride safe and always wear a helmet! Over and Out!

    Being Human bh12 e cycle is the best option for you.

    Being Human E Cycle Showroom

    Although historically, the first set of electric E-Cycles has been launch in the US in the late 1980s. But now for the past several years, E-Bikes have been gaining popularity and are taking a widely in Europe, the Americas and China as an alternative eco-friendly healthy means of transport. URBAN e-BYKES is proud to be launching the same for the first time in India. Being Human E cycle showroom in Delhi is promote and launch in India by Salman Khan's brand Being Human. Being Human E cycle showroom in Delhi makes it more available.


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